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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -9,8 +9,8 @@ Note that you do not necessarily need to use the browser interface to connect to ARCS is based on "pure" python3, so no special setup is required. You also need a serial KISS TNC, and I highly recommend [Direwolf]( You also need a transceiver (and an amateur radio license!). 1. Clone this repository. -2. Replace MYCALL in `` with your own callsign. -3. Replace HOST with the callsign of the ARCS server. +2. Set MYCALL in `` to your own callsign. +3. Set HOST to the callsign of the ARCS server. 4. If you are running your own server, modify the server config section of `` to match your setup. 5. Connect your radio to your computer, and set it to frequency 144.39 (national APRS frequency). 6. Run `direwolf -p`, making note of the path to the serial KISS TNC.