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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,21 @@ +# arcs +The Amateur Radio Chat Server is a service that enables amateur radio operators to connect to a text chat room through a modern web interface. Users are able to send messages to the server, where they will be received by all other connected users. + +Note that you do not need to use the browser interface to connect to ARCS - see section "Non-Browser Use" for more information. + +### Setup/Running +ARCS is based on "pure" python3, so no special setup is required. You also need a serial KISS TNC, and I highly recommend [Direwolf]( You also need a transceiver (and an amateur radio license!). + +1. Clone this repository. +2. Replace MYCALL in `` with your own callsign. +3. Replace HOST with the callsign of the ARCS server. +4. If you are running your own server, modify the server config section of `` to match your setup. +5. Connect your radio to your computer, and set it to frequency 144.39. +6. Run `direwolf -p`, making note of the path to the serial KISS TNC. +7. Start ARCS with `python3 <serial/tnc/path> <baudrate> [options ...]` (If you are running your own server, include the `-server` flag when you run ``) +8. Open `index.html` in your web browser, and you're ready to go! + +### Non-Browser Use +You do not need to use any of the included python3 code or a web browser to connect to an ARCS server. You can just send APRS messages directly to the callsign of the server (i.e. KD2SIX-1), and you will be connected just like through the browser interface. You will need to continue to send messages or manually send `/ping` commands periodically in order to keep your connection alive. + +Note that this is not intended use, and this connection method is not actively supported. You should connect to ARCS servers through your web browser.