Simple serial WiFi modem for the ESP-32
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      1 # Emodem
      2 Simple serial WiFi "modem" for the ESP-32. This was created in order to provide a simple WiFi interface via the user port of a Commodore 64 so that I could connect to BBSes and other such activities.
      4 If you would like to recreate this:
      5 * Connect C64 user port pins B+C to the TX pin of the ESP-32
      6 * Connect C64 user port pin M to the RX pin of the ESP-32
      7 * Connect C64 user port pin 1 to a GND pin of the ESP-32
      9 Then open the user port serial interface in a terminal program on your Commodore 64. Make sure your terminal program is set to the correct baud rate (default 2400).
     11 Also make sure your terminal program is set to ASCII mode.
     13 ## Commands
     14 Commands are sent to the modem  are of the form `EM$<command><argument>`. Note that there is no space between the `EM$`, the command, or the argument.
     16 All successful commands will print `OK` upon completion.
     18 Commands are as follows:
     19 * `EM$test` - displays `OK`, used to verify the serial interface is working
     20 * `EM$ssid<id>` - set the WiFi SSID
     21 * `EM$pass<pass>` - set the WiFi password
     22 * `EM$connect` - connect to the specified SSID with the specified password
     23 * `EM$info` - display info about connection configuration and status
     24 * `EM$address` - display local IP and public IP if connected to WiFi
     25 * `EM$host<host>` - set the TCP host to establish a telnet connection to
     26 * `EM$port<port>` - set the TCP port to establish a telnet connection to
     27 * `EM$tcpconnect` - establish a telnet connection to the specified host and port
     28 * `EM$save` - save the current configuration to the ESP-32's flash memory
     29 * `EM$load` - load a previously saved configuration from flash memory
     31 For convenience, saved configuration is automatically loaded from flash memory at startup.