0x10c-inspired space game based on the DCPU-16
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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -34,6 +34,22 @@ The built-in screen is a very simple 320x200 monochrome bitmap starting at addre Unity Developers: Any Unity `GameObject` that implements the hardware API can be a pluggable hardware device! All you need to do is extend the `DeviceScript` class, overriding the `HWI()` function to implement the behavior your device should exhibit when it is issued a hardware interrupt. Then just make sure your class is added as a component of your device's root `GameObject`. This really is very powerful and extensible, and I look forward to seeing what kind of devices the community comes up with! Please see the included devices in `src/LoneStar/Assets/Devices/` and the base DeviceScript in `src/LoneStar/Assets/Scripts/` for examples on how to make your own devices. +## ShipDraw +Ships can be designed floor plan-style in ShipDraw, a small Python program being developed for LoneStar. This utility is currently very basic, and can only be used to draw a simple "ship hull" which can be loaded into the game. In the future, you will be able to add interior structures, decorations, and technical entities like the DCPU-16 and its hardware devices to your ship. + +To run ShipDraw, enter `python shipdraw.py <name>` from your command line. Your ship will be saved to `Ships/<name>.ship` + +To draw your ship, first click on the grid to lay out points for your hull. Your hull MUST be a closed polygon, so the last point must be at the same location as your first point. Once you place the last point in your hull, ShipDraw will exit Hull Mode. + +LoneStar currently loads the ship at `Ships/default.ship`, so you will need to replace this file with your own ship file if you want to create your own ship. In the future, there will be an in-game menu to select which ship you'd like to load. + +Keyboard Commands: +* `s` - Save ship (after your hull is complete) +* `g` - Toggle grid +* `ESC` - Exit ShipDraw + +![ShipDraw](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/joshiemoore/LoneStar/master/doc/shipdraw.png) + ## Planned Features * Ship control module that can be plugged into the DCPU-16 and used to drive the ship * Packet radio module for inter-ship communications. This will be a 1200-baud Bell 202 modem that will be used for sending messages, data, etc. It will make modem noises. See [Packet radio - Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Packet_radio) for more information on packet radio (it's cool)