decentralized peer-to-peer anonymous messageboard client
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2019-08-12 05:32Merge pull request #4 from joshiemoore/request-threadsJosh10+306-110
2019-08-12 02:07Merge pull request #3 from mckenney5/masterJosh1+4-4
2019-08-11 23:26Merge pull request #2 from mckenney5/masterJosh4+23-7
2019-08-11 22:16Merge branch 'master' of
2019-08-11 22:16Fix run.shjoshiemoore1+1-1
2019-08-11 05:39Merge pull request #1 from joshiemoore/frontendJosh9+728-53
2019-08-10 02:49Update README.mdJosh1+1-1
2019-08-10 02:43Update README.mdJosh1+1-0
2019-08-10 02:42Update README.mdJosh1+3-1
2019-08-10 02:39Update README.mdJosh1+2-2
2019-08-10 02:27Prevent user from adding a blocked user, or getting a blocked user from the peer trackerjoshiemoore1+10-5
2019-08-10 02:19Merge branch 'master' of
2019-08-10 02:19Add ability to create distributable tarball for jar filejoshiemoore2+6-3
2019-08-10 01:22Add jarfile buildingjoshiemoore9+21-2
2019-08-10 00:29Update .gitignoreJosh1+1-0
2019-08-10 00:15Merge branch 'master' of
2019-08-10 00:14Change blocking terminologyjoshiemoore1+1-1
2019-08-09 23:53Add PID label to post listingjoshiemoore1+1-1
2019-08-09 23:18Add blocking featurejoshiemoore3+122-3
2019-08-09 08:14Create README.mdJosh1+90-0
2019-08-09 07:24Add the option to not connect to an initial peer from the trackerjoshiemoore1+11-5
2019-08-09 06:50Update run scriptjoshiemoore2+2-2
2019-08-09 06:33Update run scriptjoshiemoore1+1-1
2019-08-09 06:09Add pages to thread listingjoshiemoore1+39-1
2019-08-09 05:28Add peer-timeout check to remove dead peersjoshiemoore1+19-1
2019-08-09 05:11Minor help screen tweak...joshiemoore1+1-1
2019-08-09 05:09Add basic "help" commandjoshiemoore1+19-0
2019-08-09 04:54Remove debugging codejoshiemoore1+0-1
2019-08-09 04:51Fix hello-packets not sendingjoshiemoore2+2-1
2019-08-09 04:39Add -nohello option parsingjoshiemoore1+2-1
2019-08-09 04:38Add hello-packet functionalityjoshiemoore3+61-0
2019-08-09 04:03Add getPeerFromTracker() method and "getpeer" commandjoshiemoore1+59-23
2019-08-09 03:35Add client propagation of received packets to peersjoshiemoore3+26-3
2019-08-08 08:54Add the option to connect the client only to LAN (-local)joshiemoore2+88-45
2019-08-08 08:27Update peer list when client receives a packet from someone elsejoshiemoore1+32-1
2019-08-08 08:07Sort threads in threadlist based on latest post timejoshiemoore2+33-0
2019-08-08 07:44Fuck thread decoding overflow issuejoshiemoore1+6-1
2019-08-07 08:39Documentation tweakjoshiemoore1+2-0
2019-08-07 08:35Add sender IP to ChanPost data formatjoshiemoore4+56-20
2019-08-07 06:44Added the ability to reply to threads!joshiemoore3+49-6
2019-08-07 06:10Fleshed out incoming packet handlingjoshiemoore3+113-8
2019-08-07 04:52Basic command line interface, code for sending new thread to peersjoshiemoore3+85-19
2019-08-07 03:58Add args parsing for noguijoshiemoore2+17-3
2019-08-07 03:49Add IncomingThread, basic handling of incoming packetsjoshiemoore3+66-1
2019-08-07 03:14Add OutgoingThreadjoshiemoore1+39-0
2019-08-07 02:28Update tracker URLjoshiemoore1+1-1
2019-08-06 21:32Setup UDP socket on startupjoshiemoore1+22-10
2019-08-06 21:14Minor documentation tweaksjoshiemoore1+6-0
2019-08-06 21:10Add basic UDP packet format specificationjoshiemoore1+24-0
2019-08-06 20:31Add UDP encoding/decoding for postsjoshiemoore2+99-11
2019-08-06 19:54Add receiptCount to ChanPost to prevent over-propagationjoshiemoore1+17-0
2019-08-06 19:46Add initial peer on startupjoshiemoore2+54-5
2019-08-06 19:20Add Peerjoshiemoore5+39-4
2019-08-06 18:59ChanPost and ChanThread initialization/gettersjoshiemoore4+132-10
2019-08-06 18:09Add ChanThread and ChanPostjoshiemoore3+38-0
2019-08-06 17:09Enable UPnP port mapping on startupjoshiemoore3+18-4
2019-08-06 16:59Resolve library import issuesjoshiemoore6+10-492
2019-08-06 16:34Add basic build filejoshiemoore5+493-5441
2019-08-06 16:25Add WaifUPnP library for port mappingjoshiemoore3+5441-0
2019-08-06 05:54Minor tweaksjoshiemoore1+12-15
2019-08-06 05:04Retrieve peer from peer tracker serverjoshiemoore1+22-0
2019-08-06 04:44Retrieve local node's IP at application startjoshiemoore2+50-1
2019-08-06 04:02Initial commitjoshiemoore2+6-0