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Added for snakewm, with list of PIP dependencies for running on other OSs
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diff --git a/snakewm/ b/snakewm/ @@ -0,0 +1,63 @@ +# Snake Window Manager +snakewm is a basic window manager built using the pygame and pygame-gui packages. + +**Keyboard-mappings:** ++ Open/close App Menu: `SUPER` ++ Exit snakewm: `ALT+ESC` ++ snakepaint mappings + + Toggle paint mode `ALT+P` + + Change brush size `SCROLL` + + Change colour `ALT+SCROLL` + + Change brush shape `CTRL+SCROLL` + +## Running snakewm on snakeware +To launch snakewm in snakeware Python shell, there are 2 ways: + +1. Run the custom snakeware shell command (release 0.0.3+) +``` +>>> snakewm +``` +2. Run Python import manually +``` +>>> from snakewm.wm import SnakeWM +>>> SnakeWM().run() +``` +## Running snakewm on other OSs +snakewm can also be run independently of snakeware on other operating systems with python3 installed. This can be used to develop and +test new snakeware compatible apps without building a new distro image for every change. + +To run snakewm on macOS and Linux distributions: + +```/.../snakewm$ sudo python3``` + +To run snakewm on Windows: + +```PS C:\...\snakewm> python3``` + +To escape snakewm press `ALT-ESC`, or go to `system>exit snakewm` from the App Menu. + +**Note for running snakewm on macOS:** +macOS comes with Python2.7 preinstalled, not Python3. snakewm is required to be run on Python3. Latest version of Python3 can be +downloaded [here.]( + +**Note for running snakewm on Windows:** +The App Menu in snakewm is mapped to the `SUPER Key (Start/Win key)`. When running snakewm over Windows, to open the +App Menu without triggering the Start Menu press `ALT+SUPER`. + +## Dependencies + +To run snakewm properly on other OSs you will need to have several PIP packages installed. It is recommended this is done within +a [Python virtual environment](, to avoid package dependency +clashes with other projects. + +To install PIP packages type command `python3 -m pip install <package name>` + +**Required PIP Packages** ++ For window manager + + [pygame]( + + [pygame-gui]( ++ For speaknspell + + [pyttsx3]( + + [pywin32]( (if on Windows) + + [comtypes]( (if on Windows) ++ (list will likely increase as more apps use PIP packages)