Python-based Linux distro for x86-64 and RPi
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -20,18 +20,27 @@ have a usable set of userspace apps and utilities written entirely in Python, be ## Running [Download the latest release image.]( -Then, burn the image file to a flash drive and boot it, or launch it in QEMU. Here is how I start it in QEMU, it -works pretty well for me: +You can burn the image file to a flash drive and boot it. Instructions to run it on QEMU are below. -`qemu-system-x86_64 -drive format=raw,file=snakeware.img -m 2048 -soundhw hda -audiodev id=pa,driver=pa` -Once you are booted into the Python environment, launch snakewm with these commands: +### QEMU + +To run it snakeware on QEMU: + +1. [Download and Install QEMU]( Supports Linux, OSX, and Windows. +2. Open your terminal/command prompt. +3. Navigate to the directory/folder where the snakeware image image was downloaded. +4. Run the command: `qemu-system-x86_64 -drive format=raw,file=snakeware.img -m 2048 -soundhw hda -audiodev id=pa,driver=pa` +5. Wait for it to load. +6. You will be be taken to a Python environment/shell. +7. Launch snakewm with the following Python command: + ``` >>> from snakewm.wm import SnakeWM >>> SnakeWM().run() ``` +8. To open the app menu press the left WinKey (Left CMD key ⌘ on macOS). -Press the Left WinKey to open the App Menu! ## Building The snakeware build system is based on buildroot. See the `snakeware/` directory in this repo for resources and